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Developer: Eric Koziol
Release date: March 6, 2013
Contact: subakuthegame@gmail.com
Price: $1.99
subaku - Eric Koziol

About subaku

subaku is a puzzle game.

Tap a tile to reduce its value and increase the surrounding tiles by one. Match three in a row, column or diagonal to clear them from the board.

In puzzle mode the goal is to clear the board in as few moves as possible. subaku comes with 100 different puzzles for you to try to master.

In endless mode the board starts with a 4 in the center. Try to make as many matches as you can without letting the board clear. But watch out, every five moves something will happen to try to get in your way.





  • “Others, I had never heard of before, such as Eric Koziol, who was showing off his new (and very interesting) iOS puzzle game, subaku, on his phone. It was a game I stumbled upon, and one my son, whom I brought along, couldn’t stop playing.”
    - Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

  • “I’m usually suspicious of puzzle games that have “easy to learn and difficult to master” in their description, but subaku by Eric Koziol is good despite that.”
    - Nicola Salmoria, Nontrivial Games

  • “A fiendishly addictive puzzle game that starts gently but quickly becomes challenging and engaging. The simple basic rule set created a game that is accessible and easy to understand - so much so my 4 year old loves it - yet provides a deep challenge. Addictive!”
    - DCharlie, iTunes

  • “An addicting number puzzle game to play when you are on-the-go. Once you get going you will feel compelled to best your last score. Fun chasing the leadersboards score.”
    - Steve, iTunes

subaku mini

Want to try before you buy? subaku mini offers the first ten puzzles for free. Plus, your progress can be carried over to the full version!

subaku mini - Eric Koziol

Version History


  • Fixes unreadable puzzle selection text on iPads.


  • Fixes bug in endless mode with animations disabled when an action would end the game.
  • Updated for iOS 7.


  • New mode “time trial” is now available.


  • Custom puzzles fixed


  • Animations can be toggled on or off in settings.


  • Interface changes.
  • Tiles now change size depending on their values.


  • Background music and new sound effect set by Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky, Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing).
  • Interface tweeks.


  • Interface changes.
  • Fixed a 5.1 only crash issue.


  • Undo move added to puzzle mode.
  • Selectable color themes.
  • Graphical changes.
  • Selectable sound sets.
  • subaku no longer stops other music from playing.
  • Japanese Localization.


  • Now a Universal app.
  • subaku can be played vertically or horizontally on iPads.
  • Sound effects now play at the system volume instead of max.
  • Text fixes.


  • subaku is released!
  • puzzle mode and endless mode are available.
  • Currently only native resolutions for iPhone and iPod touch with iPhone 5 support are in this version.


subaku was made by Eric Koziol